Do you take reservations?

Coming soon!

Can you accommodate large parties?

We do our best to accommodate large parties, but because space is limited, we recommend considering dividing your group into a few smaller tables.  We will be able to seat you much quicker and provide great service.  We also suggest that you arrive early and we will do our best to seat you in a timely fashion.  Our sister restaurant, Blue Water Grill & Raw Bar, has over two times the seating capacity of Blue Moon.  If you have a large group, please consider taking the short drive across the bridge to Blue Water.  Please keep in mind that we will separate checks up to 3 ways.

Can we call ahead and put our name on the list?

No.  We would like someone from your party to be present to put your name on the list.

Can we place a To-Go order?

Yes… and No.  If we are not on a wait, we will happily take to-go orders.  However, when the restaurant is busy and on a wait, we will not take any to-go orders.  All of our meals are made to order and our kitchen is tiny.  We want the customers who are dining with us to have the best experience possible.  If they have waited a long time to be seated, we think it is only fair that they are served hot food in a timely manner.  To-Go orders only slow our kitchen down.  If you have not dined with us before, we strongly encourage you to come in and get the full “blue moon experience”.  We only get one chance to make a first impression and would prefer it not to be in a take-out box.

Do you offer a gluten free menu?

We do not have a separate menu, but do have many items that are gluten free or can be prepared by our chefs for your needs. Please ask your server for recommendations.  And yes, our delicious Shrimp & Grits can be made gluten free just for you!

Do you close in the off-season?

Blue Moon Beach Grill is open 11:30 AM – 9:00 PM ALL YEAR!  We close for a few holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.), but have truly come to love our off-season.  We enjoy catching up with our local customers, holding special events and fundraisers, and meeting new visitors.  Come see us!

Do you accept all major credit cards?

We sure do!  BUT, please be aware that we are no longer accepting prepaid gift cards.  Why?  Prepaid gift cards can be tricky because the bank often puts a 20% hold on the funds and will not allow us to process the cards for the full amount.